Oligarchs in Russia and the United States 
are not the only oligarchs making an effort 
to force their control on humanity. 

Russian and American oligarchs are making an effort to force their control on American citizens by subjugating humanity within this nation and all nations to accept oligarchs and their "money" as masters of humanity.

The U.S. citizenry reels under blows of a deceptive political party still allowed to rally within this nation filled with those who believe themselves in danger of losing a White Class privileged status.

This privileged class has continued to become emboldened to export the ruthless and greedy policies they have been allowed to practice in the United States.

The exposure of lies and the constant communication between Russian agents, operatives and Russian citizens with American citizens hired by Russia as Russian foreign agents legally licensed or otherwise together with American oligarchs is being exposed to the world.

The ignorance and prejudice within government in the United States can best be represented by Republican representative Steven King.

Arnold "Steve" King is a member of the United States House of Representatives from Iowa's 4th congressional district: the district is located in the northwestern part of the state and includes Sioux City.

King is a powerful Iowa Republican and a frequent critic of illegal immigration and expressed his prejudice on a tweet which read as follows:"We cannot defend our civilization with someone else's babies."

America needs immigrants now. The American dream as it is stated in their constitution was to have diversity and all citizens of diverse backgrounds were to have equal access to that dream.

Therefore it is important for other nations to be watchful of what an almost entirely White political party in its addicted fever for making more profit from fellow humans does to destroy that dream.

The lies expressed by the oligarch in the White House now regarding ACA (Affordable Care Act) saying that Obama Care is in a death spiral is an absolute lie. 

The ACA is still in danger of the republican congress setting regulations so sever that they will force it into a death spiral; which is what this strategy of redirecting money from the poor to the rich plan is. What can you call it but a boondoggle of a bate and switch lie.

Money is at the bottom of humanity's problem and stands in the way of humanity's progress away from valuing money more than it values humanity; further progress into correcting the human condition of illiteracy, hunger, and death through war can not be achieve without human life being held by all global citizens as the most precious resource on earth and should never be abused. Without love and dedication to our species; our species would end.

Today was not a disappointing day for citizens in the United States however as the attempt by Trump and money addicted Republicans has failed. Americans still do not have a health care system that is comparable to other industrialized nations on this planet. Private Health Care Insurance companies that are set on diminishing the value of human life by setting higher values on doctors visits, medication, and mental health are not the answer.

February 22, 2016
Chuck Todd and Bernie Sanders
at a Democratic Town Hall

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