Humanity has evolved from tribes and bands of people who had to protect themselves from wild animals and other humans. 

Therefore it is full of warriors; warriors every man, woman, and child; warriors all of them.

We are all warriors fighting to keep the world from falling into the depth of hell.

Trump and Putin will be meeting at the G20 meeting on July 7-8, 2017. 

Everyone will be watching and listening for Trump to suggest to Putin that he (Putin) offer Assad asylum in Russia and remove the Assad regime from Syria. Fat chance, you say?

Will Trump even mention Russia's interferences in our 2016 election?

We know one thing. Trump believes he has more power than Putin. And that is only because Trump has the entire United States armed forces at his side.

Putin has the responsibility of caring for the citizens of Russia. And Russia is a formidable superpower as well. But Putin can not just add more funds to his own wealth without it also improving his citizens quality of life. Sanctions on any nation affect citizens within that nation. 

Trump has the responsibility of caring for the citizens of the United States and not just adding more money for himself increasing his own fortune. But Trump has not pushed to initiate a jobs bill nor has he kept his campaign promises not to meddle with programs that improve the quality of life of American citizens.

Is either of these nations initiating a jobs program? Are they concerned about the poor in their nation or alleviating hunger or homelessness within their own country?

If we do not have a secure feeling about our nation's president or our country's place in the world that would only come from our own doing. 

Both these nations as well as all nations on this planet suffer from their belief in a monetary economy. 

Money is the problem and the belief that you must have money to develop humanity. 

When humanity accepts the understanding that it is trapped within the dogma and idiocy of those who play this game on us. Making us focus on wealth and not progress.  

Pray no one releases the dogs of war.

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