Charles Eisenstein - A Short Film

How do we end the inequality that threatens humanity with enslavement by the rich and powerful? We can change capitalism so it does not abuse humanity while still using it during the transformation. We can keep the rich from fearing any retaliation as they are still a very useful segment of our societies. It is only their sickness and love of hoarding money that they feel they must use for their own protection that we need to point out to them. They are still a part of society and many are the industrialist and engineers, scientist, and manufactures. They are the geniuses that are our inventors and motivators of enterprise that humanity will need for decades to come. 

The loss of Oligarchs that are cruel, abusive, sadistic and megalomaniacal cannot be a loss to humanity that deserves to be loved and served not abused unto death.

It is the ego of oligarchs, their selfishness and runaway delusion of self-worth that they and we have been nurtured into believing is natural and should be allowed; thereby blinding much of humanity to the starvation and death of millions through hunger, illiteracy, and war.  

By adapting citizens in all nations to form and work within collectives and cooperatives as partners in an industry leading us to value each other will help to remove our belief in a monetary system of an insidious oppressive corporate society. 

Hope is a tease designed to prevent us from seeing reality. The struggle will be enormously hard we are up against money the root of all evil and those who believe they are the masters of humanity. The instant they are opposed to humanity's freedom to choose freedom from want and a path to higher learning and a sustainable civilization we will know that they are the ones who have lost all grasp of sanity. 

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