Everyone knows this or will say they do. A game has been played on us rather easily it is believed because of Humanity's developed weakness in deciding to follow one leader to the waterhole.

We traveled as an armed group for protection against predatory animals. Some of the predatory animals were like us; armed humans traveling in groups. An enormous number of us have never changed.

Seriously there have been some very progressive changes. We quickly embraced these changes loving the newness of it; thinking little of what it took to bring about a new invention, a new policy, or a new song & dance.

As many changes that have brought humanity together in a lasting peace there have been centuries of listening to ignorant angry men & women saying anything to run a game on us.

The last game played on the United States led us into two wars destroying the trust the world may have had on America being humane. Most if not all of the ignorant disregard this and believe they can carry on as usual without paying homage to humanity by bringing about the peace that the majority in this reality want.

WE HAVE NOT CHANGED. The only change has been the increase in the number of money addicted affluent men and women that insist we follow directives that they insist we obey while they continue to influence humanity in continuing to believe them and the "game" they play on us.

What happens to those who want to lead this world into the depths of hell when the majority of humans refuse to play their game and instead move forward by rejecting those believing themselves more equal than others and who lust for money? If instead governments are changed and learn to develop humanity by peacefully feeding, housing, and educating humanity through a love of humanity, committing to equality and justice for all coupling that together with their love for this planet and all the life on it.

Ambition, Competition, and Success do not die if no money is involved. Tesla was such a person with no love of money and we all know what rich men Thomas Edison, George Westinghouse, J.P. Morgan, Guglielmo Marconi, and Andrew Carnegie's lust of money stole from him. 

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