Humanity will rid itself of evil once it understands the value of one life. "YOURS"

Throughout history, there have been an educated few who have awakened to the lies told by leaders who want to remain Masters of Humanity. While Humanity has become awakened to the fact that they can do without those who would be our Masters.

There are more Humane and Compassionate well-educated individuals within the common working people in the world today than at any time in past history.

Too many nations are being duped by insincere politicians thereby ignoring the humane and compassionate candidates. Instead, many citizens are forced into gambling by investing in their 401K for the sake of increasing a personal wealth putting them on the side of corporate interests which is Money.

In the United States as in other nations, an increasing number of various organizations are forming in order to fight and push back on corrupt political parties that continue to sell their vote to the affluent and corporations who enslave humanity.

In the United States, the Legal branch has been motivated and rallied in a fight against its citizens and democracy by passing laws that allow an open season in buying elections in this nation. Our reality has no use for immoral Judges who see themselves as bastions or stronghold of the future rich and remain blind to the suffering of humanity. 

The money is being followed and it is reported to have pointed out that China being the United States partner in the shutting down and relocation of much of the U.S. Manufacturing Industry prospers the most.

China owns much of the U.S. debt and has the money and much to gain by influencing politicians to pay attention in moving toward strengthening U.S. ties to China.

China is not alone in its interests there are other nations who have great wealth such as Saudi Arabia and other oil-rich nations along with European and South American nations. All of these nations who lust for more money to appease the money hoarders in order to amass enough wealth to remain, Masters of the human race, are vitally interested in continuing the GAME.


I have never fought the game until now. I have always fought against evil since 1943 at the age of three. Everyone can recall their past childhood and remember a day in which they fought against evil.

It will become imperative for everyone to write a brief history of their encounter with evil as it would help later in eradicating the systems that create it when the time comes.

Monday 10/25/2017
During this years holy days, we are reminded that no one during Christ's lifetime had any idea Christ meant to lead us away from the GAME. We were to gain the knowledge and temperament to work for the good of humanity by improving the quality of life for all and evolving a standard for a pollution-free earth; issues we are struggling with now. Seems that we have wasted two thousand years after the Crucifixion believing we would rather do it ourselves.

We are now all of us participants in this evil GAME I like to call it Monopoly but it is only a hoarding and denying game that costs humanity an enormous loss in precious lives. Lives that when allowed to flourish would bring us the healthy workforces and scientists, engineers and industrialists we need. They are worth more than all the wealth on earth.

Is there any doubt why we should not kill? The only thing that never changes in this reality is GOD and a Fool.

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