God does not reside within 
Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, or Temples 
but in the hearts of all Humanity.

When studying history we learn that man created gods for every purpose or illness. When the Hebrews wrote their Torah "Bible" it closely resembled many of the early writings regarding heroes and gods prior to the Hebrews putting forth the idea that there was but one god for all things.

When man roamed around without fire there was male and female Atheist with him that trusted their own judgment and their strong right arm. There were Gay male and females as well and it would be logical to realize that every one of them did whatever it took for their group to survive. Whether all the hunters believed in god or separate gods, or not, did not matter. It was the success of the hunt they were focused on. If they were to survive, that is what mattered to them.

Today's technology is taking us quickly to what some religions have taught their congregations to fear. We already have cards that make it easier for us to bank and purchase goods. What many fear is losing their right to privacy though I'm sure NSA will tell us it is for our own good. Humanity must remember that God has given you identification so you do not have to allow anyone to mark or tattoo any mark on your body. Your ID's are your fingerprints and your eyes. Tech is already perfecting face recognition. Never let a tyrant mark you.

Future Fear
Today's faithful accept GOD looking down on them recording everything they do, however, they become angry at Big Brother (The Government) if he decides to look into anything they are doing.

Is it because the faithful know that GOD has not destroyed them with a thunderbolt and feel free to do whatever they desire with no worry of consequences? Until they pass over of course.

With Big Brother though there will most likely to be charges for any criminal act that can be substantiated. That is what's frightening, the possibility that circumstance can be implied and statements can be interpreted to mislead law enforcement into pressing charges for something anyone may allegedly have done.

If you are an innocent law abiding citizen you will still have an ominous cloud of possible harm hanging over you; maybe forcing you not to steal your neighbor's newspaper.

The Right Wing of the Conservative Party in America has been led to believe in the evil sign 666 as the mark of the anti-Christ and should by now be against any surveillance. 666 is also the formula for cement, reminding us not to cover vast areas were other life must flourish. Making us choose the best way of allowing nature to grow around us.

All Organized Crime, Gangs, Outlaw Bikers, Crooks, Confidence Men, Pedophiles, Murders, Rapist, Stalkers, Robbers, Burglars, will be at a great risk by Big Brother's scrutiny and after evidence is collected they will be charged, tried, and imprisoned in cells vacated by the erroneously incarcerated drug addicts who will be free and enrolled in a Drug Addiction Program paid for by the government.

Evil will not be eliminated by these methods if the faithful choose to stand against surveillance and the gathering of evidence through these methods. Still, they will not want to allow any mark put on their body. Although in the United States they already have a So. Sec. card with the number of their name. 

Who took over the Vatican and chose what scriptures would be kept, distributed, and taught? Are religions teaching us to protect evil?
Jesus did not want the big fisherman to build him a church. Jesus instead wanted to go to the multitudes in the different cities and settlements in the area. He did not make himself rich by bringing the word. He was "not" preaching he was bringing the word.

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