The link provided above will take you to "We Are a Movement of Movements" by @RiveraSunAuthor

If you are in the United States this site will keep you well informed on issues here and various movements throughout the world. Rivera Sun the Popular Resistance author of The Dandelion Insurrection has written various op/eds worth reading. Her personal site will give you access to more of her op/eds and the purchase of her novels is available via eBay.

Give yourself time to follow the link to "A Movement of Movements" an icon HOW TO USE THIS SITE is provided to inform you; should you not be as fortunate as I and be retired. At my leisure I am taking as many hours as necessary to read and stay informed. 

Many countries offer programs that will translate any site for you should you live outside the United States. Many countries have similar sites in their countries. I prefer "We Are a Movement of Movements" as I am in the Southwest of the United States and Rivera Sun touches on much that we are interested in.

If you are outside the U.S. give yourself some time to read a few articles a day. 

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