Question, why humanity has not reached what most economists call the fantasy of THY KINGDOM, COME THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

Much of humanity uses that line in their prayers. It has been reported that Christ introduced it in teaching those who came to listen to him when they asked, "but how do we pray?" It is both an evocation and invocation of a Quantum Non-locality event.
People have heard for years holy men say that if you believe in something and pray for it and/or believe in and obsess with your strength of will; it will be created.
You have heard of only one man who it is thought was capable of creating a quantum non-locality event. 

Move away from science and fantasy and view the reality of history here on earth. The history of economics and labor is simply human rights. Although much of this history is greatly misreported or unreported certain goal posts are there for us to follow.

3500 BC Mesopotamia cradle of civilization
1000 BC Kush Kingdom Kush Kingdom
300 BC Egypt first civilization of Pharaohs
1215  Kings to Magna Carta
1720  Pirates create the first democracy in the new world.
1760 AD Industrial Age
1990 Information Age

We have not progressed if all the above-mentioned eras of human struggle still exist = Savagery, Barbarism, Civilization, and Humanitarianism. 

Human Rights have and will always be at the forefront of human progress. Most religious individuals make this following excuse for a dragging evolution in human rights. History moves slowly; a hundred years may just be a second to the Creator and a thousand but a minute. For humanity, time is consumed when we struggle with Kings, politicians, and tyrants to free ourselves from their megalomaniac money making self-indulgent hold on us.

The tolerance humanity has for the suffering of these fools is well known to almost all of our educated brothers and sisters; not until they have caused so much death and suffering do we the humanity that lives through their corrupt reasoning do we move forward progressing and pushing to create a system by which we can correct the human condition.

One can study history and find where the Industrial Age began with one, two, then three businesses and slowly took a foot-hold in manufacturing and in producing more food and other products for us. It, however, could not come to fruition without thoughtless men who wanted to make a profit for themselves while disregarding what pollution that they may have caused.

Changing to collectives and cooperatives may be slow as well. But it will be worth the effort so citizens can keep their cooperatives within their countries so they can employ their populous and strengthen the economy without the worry of "Owners" taking the nation's citizens lively hood away from them with no regard to the suffering that those citizens and their families will have to go through.

The Information age is now under an attack from these opportunists and profiteers. We continue to pay larger amounts of cash for our use of the Internet when it was virtually free a few years back. We are being charged for the time we use on our phones. Most entrepreneurs are constantly thinking of ways to rook the public into paying for something that is the property of humanity such as WATER.

The genius that an entrepreneur shows us can be better put to use in solving how to produce, distribute, and feed the world population. We would bestow on them and reward them the same if not more than they would be paid by present day markets.

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