Switzerland's government allows citizens to submit sufficient signatures to put an initiative on the ballot that would pay every citizen of Switzerland $2,800 per month, no strings attached. In 2013 Switzerland wanted to issue only $833.00 per month. However for a young or an adult of any age to afford an education and in order to choose what profession they want to study in order to pursue a career. They must have free rent, transportation, and nourishment. Lastly, they must have the freedom not to work for professions or enterprise's that they believe will pollute this planet or for any credible reason to includ any illegal enterprise. Similar efforts are under way throughout Europe. And there is growing talk of establishing a basic income for Americans as well. Interestingly, support comes mainly from those on the political right, including libertarians.

Universal Basic Guaranteed Income

A UBI is for the purpose of developing humanity to its full potential it is not just for the preparation for the abundance of humanity's future. Harvesting the intelligent minds needed to remove the government officials that want only to maintain the greed and selfishness that present-day societies are still encouraging in us and our children.

What is more anticipated is the full development of all the diverse tribes and nationalities within Humanity into a formidable intelligent race benevolent in its serious commitment to rule itself with compassion and concern for the whole of humanity. Humanity will need to be caring yet it will need to be capable of averting destruction or war.

When governments do not remove poverty and squalor they perpetuate an anger and despair on the poor; creating citizens unable to free themselves from the hate perpetrated on them. 

Within the United States, White Nationalist institutionalized discrimination was within the structure of this society long before they prevented Blacks from fighting side by side with all other citizens during WWII. Every general of that time kept his mouth shut; Eisenhower included.

This tactic has been used against Black citizens robbing the world of an unfathomable number of Black minds not giving them the path to an educated affluence. Which would have contributed to the removal of narrow-minded, ignorant money worshiping racist obstructionists. 

The vast amount of creativity needed will demand an enormous increase in jobs in all professional and non-professional work. 

Everyone will need housing not squalor. Healthy food from a thorough and extensive scientific knowledge in a secure safe supply of produce.

The right of every global citizen to a thorough education as well as further studies in the professional sciences; together with an education in what is needed for the protection of this earthly environment.  
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