Money is a tool and concept used to woo others to work or do what they otherwise would not do.

Once the concept of money was ingrained into societies various tricks can be perpetrated on the poor, the well educated and the affluent.

The idea of money, banks, and government federal reserves of any kind together with taxes is sheer illusion used to enslave and not to civilize humanity. 

Humanity civilizes its self because humanity wants to progress and it is necessary to organize and work together to further the need to improve the human condition.

Humanity is capable of playing the game it has been nurtured into and use the game to defeat the lust for money crowd by making it a right for every citizen to have health care.

We know we can do this because other modern industrial nations have done it.
What we are facing is a slew of insanely addicted health care enterprises that do not want to give up their abusive acts of denying and killing the sick and hastening the deaths of the elderly. 

This money addicted health care companies have given Republican and Democrat congressmen millions for years and politicians have refused to give up selling their souls to Lucifer for fear of losing money scared their stocks would plummet becoming almost worthless.

What would you rather do? Kill the sick and dying or have some of the richest individuals lose money they don't in fact really need?

As much as we are told by religious men and women of good conscience not to kill. We can no longer abide by or pay attention to the addicted greedy and uncompassionate who lust for money. The individuals who tell us we cannot do what is not only right but necessary for progress to continue.

For-profit Health Care Companies can still sell their overrated and costly health care plans to the affluent and enormously wealthy and pay their CEO's and Executives fewer bonuses which they in truth don't deserve. 

What we must do is give more thought to how to ratchet back the tools like money and stock market investment together with banks that instigate an insatiable need and greed for money making humanity love and worship what destroys progress.

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