Freedom is it just another word or can we really free ourselves from a system of bias business, political corruption  smothered in immoral religion and greed?

Citizens around the world are aware that governments are at a loss knowing how to develop humanity. Therefore governments in this world continue killing citizens for any reason refusing to stop the endless religious wars that diminish the amount of intelligent, focused, humanitarian minds that should evolve so the problems humans are facing today can be solved and eradicated.

Truly humans are not gods.....however Humanity through their collective consciousness are the only living God on earth today. Working collectively is already being utilized and taught through example.

A link to Mondragon is provided below

Humanity needs to learn to cherish each other, valuing each life as part of the whole of Humanity.

Notice the word is cherish not LOVE as today many deviant sexual behaviors are mistakenly called love by sadistic depraved humans. Who will use it as a weapon of war.

Gays are not deviant, they find partners that are gay fall in love get married and raise children that are not a threat to families.

Suffice it to say the deviant sexual behavior that depraved outlaws practise as rape and use as a weapon of war is not love nor will it ever be known as love.

 The evil acts that citizens in the United States are hearing about now which were committed by the CIA under the direction of president George W. Bush and vice president Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney should awaken even the most patriotic that ruthless men continue to be elected into positions of great power.

Further any man or woman that is elected is turned into a shadow of themselves once they are inundated with
what the opposition party, Generals, Wall Street advisers, as well as Foreign advisers demand the president must keep the nation safe and the killing to continue.

We know the risk, the toll, and the price of war. We need no longer indulge ourselves in war that kills humanity and does not value or care for developing us instead of answering the greed of a few wanting to acquire a few dollars more.


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