These men and women are so deformed by life that what they do is part of the pattern that they are forced into by a society that sends its children into the streets to lie and thieve in order to live. - from 1947 film "Desire Me"


The importance of Super Power Nations to be dedicated to Humanity not excluding or killing thereby diminishing humanity's numbers.

The excerpt from the film "Desire Me" pertains not only to what in America is referred to as the outlaw 1% percenters on the bottom but also the outlaw 1% percent on top.

Humanity has separated itself by generation, sex, sexual preference, race, nationality, and religion. It also separates itself by life-styles. In the United States we have been working the last eight years to be what our constitution says we must be to lead humanity into the new millennium. Now obviously the separation of rich and poor throughout the world has become too oppressive for humanity to ignore.

There is now one political party that is opposed to humanity ruling itself without the manipulative, exploitative rich ruling the world for their own profit. Global citizens are asked to keep yourselves informed.

Pockets of humanity fear that in the new millennium religion will be eradicated. That is not realistic for religions are supposed to lead us to love and respect others.

However if a religion insists we exclude or kill others for our religion for any reason. It must be altered in part or entirely as the diminishing of humanity's numbers will cease the progress of the whole of humanity. Islam teaches you that if you kill one human you  kill all of humanity. While Judaism and Catholicism teaches not to kill. Other religions throughout this planet express and teach similar paths toward peace. 

Still others use apostasies like Satanism that will not lead to peace but continue the killing of innocents who believe in Christ through any means. 

Humanity was introduced to the path before the crucifixion but was halted by the believers in control through power and war. It is important to understand that there were gangs, liars and killers within Israel at the time of the crucifixion as there are now. Humanity was stopped and not lead into learning how to stop this evil.

We are seeing the horror of the killing of humanity in Syria that is being reported today. This is happening to us and not just the Syrians who want and need their freedom from the ignorance of hell on earth.

Humanity cannot rid itself of outlaw one percenters by incarceration and killing the poor and unfortunate as it is told to by the 1% on top insisting we should so they may keep control of humanity. 
This does not refer to the innocent Syrian citizens that want only freedom from a deformed people in the Syrian regime that follows a demonic pattern forced on them making them inhumane.

Reforming inmates may and will achieve hopefully a good number of the rehabilitated. But by keeping rehabilitated inmates jobless unable to vote once they have been released in many states within the United States helps those opposed to peace and respect for life to continue the torment we perpetuate on them.

Humanity can not rehabilitate a constant and perpetual number of people forced into a pattern of lawlessness on the bottom as we are told to by the 1% on top; who work knowingly or not to endlessly make the rest of us believe it is the right and only thing to do.

There is one thing that humanity has been lead to love and believe in and that is money. Money controls us in everything we do. How then do we stop valuing money more than we value humanity?

We have had throughout human history holy men in China, India, Japan, Native American and all areas of this planet press us to move away from valuing money instead of human life.

This is well known in America. Yet if we are staying informed in the political movement in the United States one party is being exposed as the party of "NO" progress unless they allow it.

However when Jesus wanted women to be recognized as equals to men. This party of no have weakly chosen to follow the traditions of humanity's past. The party of no wants to continue following the degradation of the past. At this time media reports 45% of republicans are satisfied with their candidate now president Donald Trump. While 52% would have preferred someone else in their party. You can make a search of the Internet and find more information on this.

The importance of leaders within the super powers on this planet to value human life and equality for all citizens is of vital importance if we are to progress without the world war the disenchanted are brutally trying to cause.

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